Coaches Statement

We (the coaches) want to ensure that members are aware that we are willing to help with any issues or concerns you feel you may be having with your archery.

Currently we have no plans for set coaching times during the clubs practice sessions, but please don’t hesitate to come and ask us if you feel you are having issues. If we are able to help you at this time we will do so but if it is deemed to be a problem that cannot be solved there and then we can arrange, at the earliest possible convenience to both parties involved, to have a one to one session. If this is the case, be aware that the above-mentioned session would be carried out during the set club practice shoot.

Please take into consideration that in some circumstances, and on the rare occasion, there may be no coaches present at the clubs practice shoots. We are only part time coaches and active shooters and may not be available due to other commitments such as work, archery competitions, etc. With this in mind you can contact us via email if you have any queries. See below.

Nick Chubb

Hannah Porter

Heidi Drewett

All members of the club should be aware of the codes of conduct within the sport. There are a number of them and not all may apply to you. Please check the links below:

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Judges and Officials

Code of Conduct for Adult archers

Code of Conduct for Young Archers

Code of Conduct for Spectators. Parents and Carers

Code of Conduct – Anti-Bribery

Dogs at Competition and Events Guidance


Coastal Archers run several beginners courses a year.

The course consists of six 2 hour sessions on a Saturday at RM Playing Fields, Cossington and all equipment is supplied.

If you are interested please fill out the form below:

Our next scheduled course begins on the 22nd February 2020

Beginners Enquiry

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