Have you seen others shooting and fancy a go?

Have you taken part in archery while on holiday and wanted to do some more?


We will provide six lessons in accordance with our governing body (GNAS) to be held at Mark College on Saturday afternoons.

All lessons will be conducted by a experienced instructor. Pre Lesson Info Pack

There are many forms of archery, from roving through the country side choosing targets as you go, to Olympic competitions. We teach the latter - recurve target archery, but will give you the opportunity to see other styles in use and perhaps try some of them out if you have an interest.

Lesson content

We will assume you know nothing of archery and will select bows, arrows and protective equipment to suit your stature and level of fitness.

We will ensure all safety considerations are observed and will maintain safe shooting at all times.

By the end of lesson one you will be competent and confident to shoot at a short range target.

Lessons 2 - 6 involve developements to your individual style and will inlclude the use and adjustment of sights and further improvements to form and increasing target distances as accuracy improves.

We will take a light-heated look at other targets (balloons etc) and invite more experienced archers to demonstrate their particular bow types (longbows, compounds, etc).


The course fee is 50.00 and includes all necessary equipment.

Application form

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Juniors: (Under 18 Years)
will be accompanied by their parent/guardian at all times.

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Student/Parental/Guardian consent:

During the course the coach may wish to reposition a student's stance whilst they are shooting.
This may require minor, insignificant body contact including the hands, elbows, shoulders or head.

To avoid any confusions, we request your advanced permission so that all involved are comfortable with this concept.

Consent granted - Name: